Tuesday, November 26, 2013

I'm thankful for my little "turkeys!"

I'm so incredibly thankful for all my students and supportive parents! It really is a blessing to be in a district with such great support! To get into the celebration spirit we had a Thanksgiving "fun" morning! We don't always have time to just have some "fun" so today, we pulled out all the stops and rewarded our students for working so hard! For our first part of the day we did two "crafivities."

First we wrote riddles and created our Turkey's in Disguise! These turned out so amazing. Students had to write clues to help protect the turkey and keep his identity hidden! We used Mrs. O's "Wanted: Turkey in Disguise Inference Activity" for our riddles and example. Check out Mrs. O's TPT store for your own free copy! This was perfect for 5th graders! Then we used the turkey from "Disguise a Turkey Project" from The Fabulous Life of an Elementary Teacher. Her turkey was super adorable and I couldn't not use him as our mascot for the day!

Here are some of our sensational Turkeys....
Right to Left: We have a Mickey, Frankenstein, Hello Kitty, Native American, Grandpa Turkey, Draco Malfoy, Luigi, Rocketship Turkey, Birthday cake, and a Bush Turkey.

So clever and the riddles were a great addition to make this perfect for an intermediate grade level activity! Our students loved it! Check it out for next year if you teach intermediate students! We were not disappointed! The kids were able share their riddles at the end to see if other students could "guess" their turkeys disguise! So much fun!

Our second "craftivity" was a Pinterest idea for creating conversation starters. We had the conversation starters printed out on card stock for our students to cut out. Then we made origami envelopes and decorated them before typing them up with a orange ribbon. The students LOVED the origami and now they have some thoughtful things to talk about over Thanksgiving! Just wish I had taken a photo of their cute envelopes and origami!

We also took our "Thank You" card photos today... A mustache really helps you look smarter!

And if you "mustache" I hope everyone has a wonderful break!


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