Saturday, December 31, 2016

#SixtyBooks in 2016!

I set a goal back this time last year to read just 60 books in 2016. I was in a reading slump and wanted to recharge my reading life. I've always loved reading and I knew I had to dedicate some time for things that I hold dear. So I jumped on board with the #SixtyBooks challenge on Twitter.

Turns out, I blew past my goal of sixty books well before year's end! I found my love of reading renewed thanks my dearest #BookJourney crew and "Nerdy" friends and authors. Even my students and their participation and excitement over Mock Newbery kept me reading throughout the early part of the school year. I didn't quite double my goal as planned, but I'm hoping shooting for 120 in 2017. But I did read 112 books in 2017!

Here are a few of my favorites!
Many were published in 2016 but some were older books, I had never picked up.

If I was giving out the Newbery here would be my top three picks!
Hour of the Bees was my 2017 favorite book of the year & my top pick for Newbery!

What were some of your favorite reads in 2016?
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