Thursday, January 2, 2014

Currently January: Snowy Roads & Freezer Meals!

It's currently 2014! Wow! It's another year down. Today I had to face the reality that I have to start back to school next week. This two week break has been blissful. My one little word of the year is: happiness. I'm going to try and do things that will make me happy and less stressed out. I've already planned for after break and made all my copies. One step closer to happiness already!

My next resolution is to blog more. So, let's start with what I'm currently up to...

I've been really enjoying all our snowy days in Ohio of late. It's been a beautiful winter. I don't always want to drive in the "white death" but it does look absolutely gorgeous outside. During these snowy days, I just want to camp out on the couch with the furbabies and watch Dance Moms marathons. However, in reality, I need to be going to the gym and starting a work out program! I've let other things over take my life and I need to get back to having some time for myself during the week.

Here's a picture of our front yard from today's flurries:

But, today's snow day and January resolutions to cook at home and try purge all the cookies I've eaten, has lead to some serious meal planning. I've been really interested in freezer meals of late. I want to save time and use my time more efficiently this year. This would definitely make me happier and give me some much needed gym time. I found some great resources online. I can't wait to make Kitchen Escapades' Chicken Parm Meatloaf! Yum!

Looks good huh?

There is also the blog Stacy Makes Cents with more recipes and super easy meals! Six meals in 1 hour? I'm sold! Reviews to come after I do all the cooking and shopping. I'm subbing out a few recipes for others so we're not sick of chicken, although buying in bulk always saves money! But I also want to try this Sausage & White Bean soup. Perhaps, my favorite find with this excel editable grocery list that lets you keep track of a week's worth of meal planning! Check out the grocery list from Miss Information here.

Don't forget to link up with Farley at Oh' Boy 4th Grade with all your current January happenings!

Hope everyone is enjoying 2014 so far! 
Here's to happiness and hopefully more consistent blogging! 


  1. I love your blog~~it is so precious! I found you from Farley's Currently. The snow is beautiful! I live in the south so snow would be a nice surprise for us!!!! I'm trying to get healthy too this new year!
    Third Grade Love

  2. You're picture of snow is beautiful! I took a picture today of a stunning rainbow! I love your word! I too need to do things that make me happy!

    Happy New Year

    Tonya’s Treats for Teachers

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