Friday, April 18, 2014

Five For Friday: Spring Edition!

It's Friday and I'm off work for a long weekend... I'm going to enjoy the peace and quiet around my house. I figured I'd do a little blogging and a little couponing before the rest of the crew wake up.

Was it a full moon this week?! I really needed some garden therapy this week. I planted flowers last weekend and some herbs on Thursday. I love having my patio garden. Can't wait to get my vegetables started!

Spring time means... Baseball! Using my Cartwheel app, I bought a new Reds hat to wear around town or to a few games. I can't wait! We got into the spirit but doing some grilling at home as well! I spring weather!

My students finished up Canada this week! Their passports and circle graphing turned out great! I was one proud teacher!


We've also been reading a lot of Walter Dean Myers' poetry since we've been reading Love that Dog by Sharon Creech. I found a few of my own Water Dean Myers' books and shared them with the class.

We started our last year units of the year for Social Studies this week! The Junior Achievement program came in to kick off some economics lessons with the kids! They loved our volunteers and all of them did a fantastic job! We also are going to be starting or Career unit in class. Thanks to Nicole Shelby and her Collage and Career Research Project, I think I'm ready for this new unit! Plus, I stayed late on Thursday to get all my copies made!



  1. I love that Cartwheel app! I also planted flowers this week with my son! Not quite like yours, but cute!!!

  2. Oh, it makes a huge difference when you have awesome JA volunteers! I've had both ends of the spectrum, but we had to drop JA this year due to the cost...

  3. I'm excited to get my garden up and growing this year too! (Although we did get an inch of snow this past week...ugh!!)

    Mrs. Laffin's Laughings

  4. We are doing a Junior Achievement day at the beginning of May. The kids always enjoy it. I wish I had a green thumb. So nuts considering my dad has been a farmer my whole life! Lol!
    Rockin' and Lovin' Learnin'

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