Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Tried it Tuesday: Learn2Earn.org Update!


I've done several posts about how much I'm absolutely loving Learn 2 Earn.Org {check them out here}. But, I thought an update and link-up with Holly over at Fourth Grade Flipper for Tried it Tuesday was needed! When I first blogged about Learn2Earn.org, we were just starting it out and going for it... so now after two months, I thought an update may be good for those of you on the fence!

Recap, Learn2Earn.Org is a new start-up company that tracks student reading. The aim of the website is to have students logging reading minutes online. They have a website at Learn2Earn.Org and even an Instagram {Learn2EarnOrg} account. They have a fundraising feature perfect for PTO readathons or schoolwide reading challenges so that students can get pledges for all their reading! Right now, our school isn't participating in a reading challenge but my teaching partner and I are loving all the other great things that are happening...

Some of my kiddos have made such a huge growth in their attitude toward reading logs and reading at home -- it is truly amazing! Plus, I don't have all that "paperwork" laying around and minutes to add up each week. Grading can be a little difficult since it's not alphabetical but that's really the only downside to this site! It's easy for the kids to do on an iPad or laptop. My students beg to post responses {a few are on a 13 - 15 day reading streak!} and get online so they can share a book with a friend or buy more stuff for their owls. Right now, titles like "Princess" and "Genius" are the trendy items to buy.

 Here's why I'm loving this site:
- Keeps track of students' books, minutes, and responses
- Created {and editable!} Common Core aligned questions
- Questions are engaging {Tweets, $500 Summary, Book told from an 80 year old character, etc.}
- Responses for fiction and nonfiction
- Averages the responses for you! {And you can set the date range!}
- SOCIAL {Students can comment, recommend, and "like" each other's books}
- Owlvatars!

Here's what I see as a teacher:

And just for fun... 
If you're considering joining Learn2Earn.org or want to set up your free Whoooo's Reading Class {Click here} and use my referral link.  The upgrade is $5 dollars a month for custom scoring, custom teacher avatar, side bar of response expectations, and new prompts each month! I'm definitely purchasing the upgrade after winter break because my class is loving this site - so worth $5 dollars a month!

Whooo's trying out other new websites?


  1. Great information, Amanda. I've signed up there but haven't really had time to put it to use. I think it'd be a hit with my 8th graders. Thanks for sharing your experience!


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