Saturday, July 18, 2015

Library Redecorating {on a budget}

We start back to school in early August! Eeek! Plus, Open House is the first week of August. Double Yikes! So, I've already been in my classroom working on unpacking and doing some "freshening up." Since, I already did a blog post about growing your library on budget. I thought, I'd do a follow up as I work to freshen up my library this year and, of course, I need to do it on a budget! 

Ikea and even Target often have mark downs on display items! I found some great "As Is" items at Ikea for my library! Including two sturdy wooden chairs and a pillow cover! All items were no return so I made sure to thoroughly check them out. Bonus, the Ikea "As Is" section is usually preassembled!

These green pillows were actually outdoor patio pillows on summer clearance! New indoor pillows were $7.99 but these mark down pillows were only $3.00! Slipped a case on these pillows and they are like new! Plus, now they are easier to keep clean! 

How do you freshen up your classroom on a budget?


  1. Adorable! All of it. I am guilty of running all around to every store looking at stuff. I need to go on the hunt to find some baskets for my bookshelves. The ones I have need to be thrown out. Thanks for sharing these ideas!
    Rockin' and Lovin' Learnin'

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