Saturday, April 1, 2017

For Those About to Mock

It's not to early to get started planning for Mock Newbery 2018. I'm a planner and with the need to create a Donors Choose - I've been trying to be proactive with getting a book list together for Mock Newbery 2018. To prepare, I've been watching the #MockNewbery hashtag on Twitter as well as trying to keep up with 2017 #kidlit releases. I've read several books so far and have a list of other buzz worthy books and authors. Here are a few books that I feel should be on your radar (as of now) if you're thinking of starting a Mock Newbery Book Club.

Books to Keep on Your Radar: 

Several books have already been released and a few others are coming out before the end of the school year. For the Newbery Award, the committee is looking for distinguished texts based on craft, story, characters, etc. Each of these books has a distinguished quality from style choices to characters, which I feel would make them good Mock candidates. I've also enlisted several students to help me this year read and review books for my next year's book club. So far, our top pick is The Ethan I was Before for it's unique story lines and perspective. Another top contender is The Someday Birds, which is getting a lot of praise from my fifth grade readers.

Release Dates:  

  • Beyond the Bright Sea - May 2nd
  • Moon Shadow - May 16th
  • Orphan Island - May 30th
  • Walking with Miss Millie - July 4th

If you're looking for ways to get started you can check out my previous post Mock Newbery Book Club.

What books are you currently considering for Mock Newbery? 
What needs to be added to my watch-list?



  1. I recommend The Train I Ride by Paul Mosier. I don't want Spring Break to end. I wanna keep reading!!

    1. I'm going to have to check that one out and add it to my list! Thanks so much Elaine!

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