Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Did someone say tacos?

Deal Alert! Do you like tacos? Then you can print out a $1 off two Ortega seasonings coupon from the Ortega website. Seasoning packets are already on sale at Target for .62 cents each. Buy two and only pay .12 cents. You probably have .12cents rattling around in your cup holder if you're like me!  I just bought some chipotle taco seasoning mix and guacamole seasoning. Makes summer feel like it's right around the corner! Once avocados go on sale... I'm having a mini-fiesta!

Get the coupon here: $1 dollar off TWO seasonings

Shoe string lesson: Buy ahead on items that don't quickly expire and wait to build meals.

I by no means have a stock pile. Buying a bag of potatoes instead of two is stock piling for me! I have a super small house with no storage and even less cabinet space. But I also don't think you need to live off crackers and peanut butter as Stephanie Plum would have you believe. I do keep seasoning packets and some other misc. items around the house for when they are needed. I have a small bin from the dollar store that works great for organizing all my little random "packets" of stuff.  It's good to keep an inventory of what you have or do a double check before going to the store. Sometimes getting inspiration from what you already have is key to meal planning and shopping. Kraft foods even lets you type in key ingredients you already have to help you plan your meals. It's great when you are indecisive or trying to make groceries stretch or you can't decide what to bring to a potluck without having to make a special trip to the store! Ugh!

Check out Kraft's recipes here @: Kraft recipe generator

You just need to get through Thursday! It's almost Friday....



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