Sunday, April 21, 2013

Sunday Shopping Trip

So my Sunday morning started off like this... making a shopping list for the week and pulling coupons from the binder and I'm really enjoying the meal planning grocery list. Although my list is not in order by the sections at the store (my OCD hates that) it does help me plan the entire week out and gives me space to write in what I still need to purchase. This week I based my list on coupons, sales, and things I already had in the pantry. After creating the list, I then highlighted everything I needed from Target in orange (I had lots of stack able coupons from and mobile coupons). Finally, I had my meals planned out and a plan of attack formed... I also set a budget under $100 dollars. This budget was a little higher than normal but items like razors and body wash tend to drive up the total cost :)

 My first trip was to Target....

 Target Trip: $20.41

Contents Include: 6 pack of Vitamin Water, Two packs of Schick Razors, Dove body wash and deodorant, bananas, a red pepper, sour cream, and shaving gel. All items were purchased with a coupon or on sale.

My first shopping trip of the day included a stop at Target for some odds and ends.  I knew Target was having a sale on Schick razors plus I had Target coupons and a manufactor coupon. I also had two $1 off produce coupons from Target's mobile coupons. Making my bananas .44 cents and my red pepper .60 cents.  If you text, SPRING to 827438. Click on SPRING for all the current Target mobile deals. I also had a $2 off two Dove products from Target online combined with two manufacturer coupons for $1 off Dove deodorant and $2 off Dove body wash. You can claim more Dove coupons on their website!  After all my coupons the body wash was completely FREE!  One of the highlights of the trip were the Schick razors. Normally they are 9.24 a pack. They were on sale for $8.09 each and I had $9 dollars in coupons. Making the razors BOGO as well.

My second trip was to Kroger. There I only saved about 22% off my total bill but a good third of my bill was fresh meat for the week (bacon, ground beef, fresh chicken, and BBQ pork loin) and 15 Muller yogurts that were 10 for 10 this week and I had an additional coupon.  My best deal was the Voila! skillet meals that are on sale for the "Buy 5 Save $5 event" and I had an additional $1 off coupon making the one I purchased around $2.50! You can get two additional $1 off Bird's Eye coupons here at their website. Some of Kroger's best deals were items on sale like the pork loin for $5.99 instead of the normal $8.99. As well as Laura's Beef and Simple Truth chicken on sale this week. With my coupons and sales, I was able to stay within budget!

Now, to spend the rest of my day relaxing and grading papers! At least all our weekly meals are preplanned out. I plan on hanging my grocery list on the fridge so I can't have the what's-for-dinner-tonight? brain freeze!

Have a great Sunday!


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