Wednesday, May 29, 2013

One Spot

The Target "One Spot" may be the death of me... half the time the One Spot is nothing you really "need" or came in for, but they have some neat stuff for $1. I love when they have the school supplies and cute post-it note packs for only a $1 buck. However, sometimes they do through in a $3 dollar item that I fall in love with and then have to debate buying with myself. But overall, they always get me when I walk in the door!

Lately, I've been on a mission to get my house clean and organized. We live in a small space and seem to have a lot of "stuff" without a proper home. I've been really trying to get myself a workspace for paying bills, grading papers, and crafting all set up. I have so much stuff it seems like the table top is NEVER seen... so today, while popping into Target for baby locks (my dog, Iggy, loves to knock the lid off the trash can) I stumble upon... THE ONE SPOT HOLY GRAIL! I was able to get some magazine holders, a little tray, two pencil cups, and a clipboard all for $5 dollars! Now this probably isn't very exciting to most people but I love when things have a place and I know where the place is located!

I was pretty happy with my new set up. I wish I would have done a before and after. This transformation was HUGE... one step closer to getting my world back on track and organized. It always makes me feel better. Some people prefer a relaxing a spa and massage - I prefer a clean and clutter free house.

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