Monday, September 16, 2013

Maniac Monday: Reading Workshop Bookmark Freebie!

It's definitely Monday! My precious furkid, Iggy has already redecorated my house since being home. He really loves the LaTrash the living room look.  Now, that I've put the trash back in the trash can, played with him outside, eaten dinner, and and hid my teacher bag of papers I didn't finish grading this weekend... I can finally sit down for a brief second to share a quick a freebie with everyone!

We start our book clubs tomorrow during reading workshop! Yay! Finally! To go along with my Book Club Etiquette Smartfile I blogged about in a previous post (you can read about it here) I created Book Club Etiquette Bookmarks. Feel free to use them! They are a forever FREEBIE!!!


The bookmarks come in two colors and go along with my "Six Worst things that Happen During Reader's Workshop" lesson. Hope these help you out in your classroom. I know my students are always begging for bookmarks! We don't have colored printers so black and white on neon paper will have to do ;) Don't forget to check out all the Amazing freebies over a Classroom Freebies!

Classroom Freebies Manic Monday

You also still have two more days to enter my giveaway! $10 Target gift card and a "favorite" things prize pack to celebrate my 100 Bloglovin' followers!

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