Friday, September 27, 2013

Thank Goodness It's Five for Friday!

I'm keeping this Five for Friday with Doodle Bugs Teaching highly visual this week because I'm flat out exhausted! I forgot to get my breakfast out of my microwave today - yeah, it's that kind of day! Actually, it's been one of those weeks.... whew!!!....

My second bell finally finished their mosaics yesterday! Some of their projects turned out really, really well! This one from the Southeast was one of my favorites because of the American Indian in the chickee with his deer skin leggins. Love it! I felt bad that none of their projects were able to be featured in my blog post about American Indian mosaics but that's what happens when you write a scheduled post! So, here's one from that class so they're not left out! Check out that post here to learn more!

O-H-I-O! Let's GO BUCKEYES! Today, was Ohio State spirit day at school. The kids wore red and gray were really getting into it. I love that our principal really gets the kids excited about different events and gets the teachers excited too! I still {heart} spirit days!

We worked on finding evidence to support our thinking in Reader's Workshop this week. I think my fifth graders did a stellar job! Look at all this textual evidence....

We had library this week! It's amazing how engrossed 53 students can be during a book talk! It warms my heart so I just had to share this happy teacher moment! They were hearing parts from the book Homer Price.

My workshop charts are certainly growing although I haven't been keeping up with them as much as I should... But, I did add two about personal essays (they're on another wall) and one about "What good readers do?" this week! So I felt pretty good about that!

Hope everyone has a great Friday,


  1. The mosaic is beautiful! What a creative idea. Your kiddos did a fantastic job on those responses.
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  2. I love the mosaics! Your anchor charts look great! Isn't it amazing how fast we run out of room?

    Have a great weekend!

    Fit to be Fourth
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  3. I have already run out of room for my charts. We can't hang string from the wall like you so I don't even know what to do! Super cute mosaics.

    Literacy Spark

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