Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Tried it Tuesday: Reading Hieroglypics

I know I posted about the hieroglyphics before - but this is a Tried it Tuesday update! Recap: The team across the hall does such a fantastic job of getting students to use their reading "hieroglyphics" to code a text. Students even use them in the content area classes! So, my teaching partners and I jumped on board this year as well! We all have the reading hieroglyphics posters displayed in our classroom and we're also taking a page from our neighboring team and will be rewarding students for use great note strategies in all classes!

Here's my poster:
You can grab it for free on Teachers Pay Teachers.

Today, we introduced the idea of our hieroglyphics. We used Diane from Fifth in the Middle's Close Reading April texts as our mentor texts for this activity. I started by reading "Jelly Beans" to the class and then did all my thinking out loud as I coded the text. Then students were given "Ship of Dreams?" to do some coding of their own.

I was pretty impressed with their coding and thinking for the second week of school!
Here's some student samples:

Bonus: They were even able to discuss parts of the article afterwards. This lesson was a success and I can't wait to watch my new 5th graders use their hieroglyphics throughout the year. Tomorrow, we're building on this idea by "talking back to the text."

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Happy Tuesday!


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