Thursday, January 1, 2015

How about a Rockin' Giveaway?

I'm excited to team up with my fellow Ohio blogger, Jennie at JD's Rockin' Readers for her THREE Year  Blogiversary Giveaway! She has three days of incredible giveaways including $25 dollars to Teachers Pay Teachers and other fabulous gifts!

Head over to her blog and check it out! Don't forget to check back each day from January 1st - 3rd to enter for new prizes! She also has JD's Rockin' Readers' TPT store 20% off to celebrate. Stop over and send some love to my fellow Buckeye!

And don't forget...

My TPT store will also be on sale today as well... no need to get dressed! Pajamas and coffee are always welcome! 

Hope everyone had a wonderful start to 2015!


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