Saturday, January 3, 2015

What are you teaching in January?

Saw several primary folks sharing what they'll be teaching as many of us head back next week, so I thought I'd do the same. Here's what I'll be teaching my 5th graders as we head back to school...
Graphics courtesy of Ashley Hughes & Fonts are KG Fonts.

We are starting our interpretation unit on Tuesday. This unit is one of my favorites because we get to connect all the books we've read this year and read so many great new books! Maniac Magee is a personal favorite and usually a student favorite as well. This unit is like an "pumped up" character unit. I'm out for a PD on Wednesday to actually tweak the unit but we're starting with the basics and sharing some new amazing book club novels with our students! We'll be practicing our writing skills during this unit for the upcoming PARCC testing and ending with a literary essay.

In Social Studies, I'm behind. I need to finish Regions of the United States and then start Mexico. Hopefully, we can get Mexico finished by the end of January so we can start our Civil Rights unit in February.

Here's some of the resources I plan on using in January to help me tackle it all...
Click on the images and check out the resources yourself!

What are you teaching in January?


  1. Nice! Not teaching right now, but sounds like you're doing great!
    Kids Math Teacher

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