Friday, September 18, 2015

Five for Friday: Back to School Edition!

Who doesn't love back to school?! We've actually been back for over a month now, what!? I haven't been about to link up with Doodle Bugs Teaching since I've been back so I thought I'd give a snapshot of our year so far! So here's my back to school Five for Friday!

We are currently in the start of our Character Reading Unit. We're reading Rules together as a class! I shared this video about Autism with my class. Such a great way for students to understand how different people can see the world!

In the middle of our Native American Unit. We loved using Brain Wrinkles Native American Cultures Powerpoint to kick off our study of ancient Native Americans. We really enjoyed learning about the Woodland & Mississippian cultures! 
We are counting down until the release of Crenshaw! All fourth graders read The One and Only Ivan by Katherine Applegate, so my fifth graders are soooo excited for Crenshaw! I may have given them some teasers and shared my EXCITEMENT for this book as well! I'm planning my first book raffle for the release! 
Native American Word Wall is going up! Students really understood the concept of a region this year! Love the way this group made their picture clue... Vocabulary Rock Stars! 
We launched our Character Book Clubs just last week! Students are flying through the books! So, far this group of fifth graders are loving graphic novels like El Deafo and Smile.  My student are also digging Lisa Graff's novels Absolutely, Almost and The Thing About Georgie! One of my sweet girls keeps me updated on her The Thing About Georgie status... She read 6 chapters in a night which is quite the feat for this reader! I can't thank all my book loving friends for all the great recommendations. Teaching students how to celebrate and choose books is SO important! 
Read more about my book clubs {here}.


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