Sunday, September 27, 2015

What's in the Bag?

I saw several bloggers posting about their teacher bags and since I haul mine back and forth just about every night, I thought I'd share my teacher cargo! First, let me say, I love my new Vera teacher bag! This one has the most comfortable straps...EVER! Thank you, Vera Bradley!
What's in my bag?

Test Correction Slips: I always carry my test correct slips with  me. I place these on any test or quiz under a 70%. Students have 1 week to correct the assignment for a 70%.

Backpack Paper Organizer: I found this amazing backpack paper organizer at Target! It's a lot smaller than a normal flex-file. I also like that it stands vertical. I have it organized by homeroom teacher along with keys & late work. I also made a cute laminated "cover" for my flex-file since it's nearly clear.

Pencil Pouch: I already have tons of pens and markers at my house but I bring my favorites home. Inside my pencil pouch I have my Crayola Powerlines, mechanical pencils, Flairs, Post-its, and a granola bar.

Folder: I keep a folder in my teacher bag for anything I need to copy. The folder helps keeps my copies safe and I can go directly to the copier when I arrive at school without stopping by my classroom.

Notebook: I keep my Erin Condren Notebook in my teacher bag. It's great for bringing to workshops or department meetings. I also like that I can write down my To Do Lists and jot down any notes I need to remember. It's a great way to keep track of my school life at home!

Umbrella: I never seem to have one when it rains. Now, I'm carrying all the time. Enough said.

What's in your teacher bag? What are your essentials?


  1. My teacher bag always seems to be full of highlighters (my last school used orange and green for all marking). Also, the snapping plastic wallets, I have one for each subject! I am very jealous of your Erin Condren notebook - I am hoping to splurge on a EC teacher planner one of these days!
    - Melissa
    Teacher Abroad

  2. Thanks so much for your comment! I also have a lot of highlighters too! I like to color code things so they're so helpful :)


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