Saturday, November 5, 2016

Mock Newbery Book Talks: Part 2

Although, I had some grand ideas about having about 4 books out a month, that had to get scrapped as more students than expected signed up to be part of our team's book club. Initially we had 85 students sign up - we're down to about 60 at this point but holding strong. So, we've released books in two parts to have enough copies for all readers that were ready for books and to allow for some books to be released. Students are reading and reading A LOT this year. I've always had readers in my room due to our strong reading community, time to read, and book clubs but this year is far beyond any expectations.

Here's the second part of our book talks...
{Click the image} to download the entire book talk with book trailer/book talk links.
 I'm not sure if it's a front runner on the Newbery Committee but this book is a front runner in my eyes. I loved the idea of a story within a story and the fantasy and folklore that was expertly blended with realistic fiction. This story reminded me so much of my grandparents and had be crying like a baby at the end. Loved this book. Couldn't put it down. And I've read lots of great books so far this year.

 We're going to Skype with debut author about Molly & Finding Perfect. This book struck a personal cord with me and I felt like this was a book I needed to share with my students. As a teacher in a high achieving and very competitive school, I've seen numerous students struggle with anxiety and OCD. Molly is a great mirror and instantly many students connected with the story and couldn't wait to pick up a copy! Click the image above for an amazing audio teaser!

 Another personal favorite. I laughed and cried so hard as I read through Maxi's Secrets. This was another top favorite of the year. It's far more than a "dog" book and Maxi can teach us all some very valuable lessons.

I also thought it was important to add in some other titles that I didn't feature but could be contenders for the 2017 Newbery. This just helps my readers access other books and see that there are differing opinions on great reads. Click the images below for teasers for The Inquisitors Tale & Some Kind of Courage.

Which book(s) have your vote for the 2017 Newbery so far?


  1. OMG Maxi's Secret had me crying like a baby. I couldn't read it during lunch because the kids would come back asking why my eyes were read. #blameitonallergies #liar

    Love the blog!


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  4. I'm also doing a Mock Newberry club. I've been trying to figure out how to set up an author skype. Can you advise on how to do this? Thank you in advance!

    1. Hi Jordan! I just saw your post! I usually try and connect with authors over Twitter first before asking about Skyping. Many have links on their websites as well with their availability. I was lucky enough to meet quite a few authors at Nerd Camp this summer and form friendships with others via Social Media. Therefore, Skypes were either offered or I felt comfortable asking/signing up for Skypes :) Definitely check out author websites because Jen Maschari and Natalie Lloyd, I know have links directly on their websites. Hope this helps!

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