Thursday, June 8, 2017

Embracing Restless Reading Moments

Summer is finally here! And although, I can't quite read a #bookaday, I can tackle so much more reading during the summer. My current TBR "pile" is in fact several shelves at my house. I currently have about eight Mock Newbery contenders to read, six #BookJourney ARCs (some still in mailers), and four professional development books I've been itching to sink into. However, I've noticed some of my reading habits have changed this summer and I've become some what of a restless reader. I don't sit and devour books but I've been more keen on enjoying a book with coffee in the morning and then coming back to the read later that night. Although it's summer, I've been reading in edge moments so that I can tackle other projects throughout the day. I'm also nearly always juggling two or three different stories.

Since the end of school, it seems I've had a middle grade novel, audiobook (often YA), and several picture books all in the rotation. And, I don't think this is necessarily a bad habit. There will be those pool side moments where I can sit and devour a book - but I think embracing the restless moments are important too. Real reading is restless at times and that's okay. I feel like I know several of my students so much better as they were the ones with three or four books going at various times during the school year. I used to think that those students should abandon some of those books or put them on hold. I'd advise them to try and focus on one or two stories that they are really enjoying. I wish I could apologize. Like them, I realize, I am enjoying all the books I'm reading but I've felt the need to change the line up throughout the day or week. As my attention wonders, I start a new book or go back to one I've put on hold. A staycation for my mind? New characters, new scenery, new attitude. I'm not sure what the rest of this summer will bring and hopefully slowing things down will ease my restlessness. Or perhaps, I'm just capitalizing on more opportunities throughout the day instead of one long period. However, as I sit and reflect, I'm aware that noticing changes in our own reading lives can only make us better readers and teachers.  

I've found that YA audiobooks, historical fiction, as well as short stories have really captured my attention during these past several weeks. Here are a few books to consider for yourself (or students) that are having trouble getting lost in a good book...

Happy Reading! 



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