Wednesday, June 21, 2017

What We Value

As I sit waiting for the Chicago Reading Summit's Facebook Live video to kick off, I'm thinking about how I should have saved some extra money and made the four hour drive. Why would I do that? Because I value reading and learning. It's worth it to me to spend a day around people I know will better me as a teacher and learner. Thankfully, Nerd Camp isn't too far away and for two days I'll be immersed in all things books, authors, publishing, learning & general nerdiness. Okay, nerdiness may not be a word but it totally should be.

I wholeheartedly believe that teachers need the summer to rest and recharge. But we also need summer to work on our foundations - read a professional book, read some #kidlit, subscribe to a podcast or attend a workshop or two, etc. -- so that we can be better teachers come fall. I feel like I've heard too many teachers lately say (or post), Well I don't have time to read or I haven't read a book in ages. Some of these teachers have been fellow language arts teachers. This is unacceptable. If we value reading and learning, then we add it to our schedules. We make time in the car, between appointments, at baseball games - we read in those edge moments to fit it in because it matters. Reading is important. 

If we're not reading and keeping up with current literature, how are we supposed to get students on board? Specifically, students that already have the mindset that reading is not for them. I'm not saying you need to be reading a book a day or even a week but a book or two over the summer isn't unreasonable. Read a picture to your kids. Choose a short story collection. Just choose something you can read and share with kids. I'm usually able to finish an audiobook in about 14 days by just driving around and running errands over the summer. I also often listen in the shower each morning on my wireless speaker. It can be done.

Why is this important? Because as teacher we're role model readers.
Check out the research and key findings from Scholastic's Kids and Family Reading Report.

Look into your life. Where does reading fit in? Is it valued? Have you read a children's book published in 2016 or 2017? If not, then maybe you to look at your daily habits. How can you fit reading into your life? Start taking a book with you in your bag or car. Download an audiobook app. Listen at the gym, pool or before yoga. Not sure what to read? Jump on Twitter or Goodreads - what are other teachers reading? #Mglit , #Kidlit and #Opportunity2Read are hashtags that can help you find great books.

You can't be the best reading teacher if you're not reading. End of story.Would you trust a baseball coach who hasn't picked up a baseball in the last five years? Would you take lessons from a band teacher that doesn't play an instrument? Would you want to go to a doctor that hasn't read any new research in the past year? Your students deserve it, you owe it to them to hone your craft. So many of us are already doing all these things. But, if you're not, this post is not meant to shame but open your eyes and motivate.

Stop the excuses. Make time. Put it on your list. 
Just do it because your students are worth it.



  1. THANK YOU for writing this post! I feel exactly the same way, and I know it's something we all need to make time for!

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  2. Preach, girl!!! Students know what we value, they know if we're faking it. I can't expect a student to put value and trust into what I say, if I'm not really walking the walk. They'll see right through me and, let's be real, these kids deserve the best!!!! Thanks for being a daily inspiration & friend. ❤️

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