Monday, July 22, 2013

Semi-Homemade Monday

So I spent the morning waiting outside United Art & Education for their annual teacher "surprise" giveaway! It was a little cloudy but I figured I'd tough it out with my camping chair and umbrella. After about 20  minutes it started to sprinkle so the manager let us in early - what great customer service! I only had a $5 dollar gift card this year but that was all I needed to purchase my new job bulletin board set! My job board is old and starting to fall apart so I've been wanting a new one... so I found this gem on sale for $5.59!

 If you're interested in this job chart you can find it here.

So naturally, since I bought a new job board while at Wal-mart I went down the office supply aisle and knew that I just had to have the personal laminator that EVERYONE keeps raving about. I was a little bit skeptical of the quality for $24.97 - I'll be honest. But oh my goodness....

It actually WORKS! The lamination is really thick. Much thicker than our school lamination! I was quite shocked at how well it all came out! I'm going to have to purchase a few more pouches! I wouldn't use it for everything (that could get pricey & school is free) but something that needs to be more durable... for sure! Two penny-pinching thumbs up! Worth the money!

I took the premade job signs and laminated those. I also had to create a few of my own jobs. I used some scrapbook stickers I already had that were bright colors to create some new jobs. Below are two jobs that I added to the blank signs... I have a homework collector that collects each day's homework and a two students carry our lunch bin down to the cafeteria and bring it back after recess.

After all the jobs were laminated, I took some Velcro to affix the student plates. There are little slits that you can slide jobs into but oh that would get tedious! Plus, I laminated mine shut!

Once I get into my classroom I'm going to create my board! It wasn't entirely created by me... but, I like to think it was a semi-Monday-Made-It project sort of like the Food Network show, Semi-Homemade! Don't forget to link up with Tara at 4th Grade Frolics to share your Monday Made Its!

Have a wonderful Monday!


  1. I bought that same laminator just a couple weeks ago. I feel the same way you do about the quality... how have I lived without it for this long??! :-)

  2. Love your phrase, "Two penny-pinching thumbs up!" Super cute. I'm excited to hear about your laminator. Does Walmart sell replacement film?
    Creating Lifelong Learners
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  3. Oh my lamination!! I love everything laminated!! I am totally buying that for things I want laminated before the laminators are turned on. Wow, I said that word WAY too many times. ��

  4. You can also get the same machine and refills at TARGET! Even better for people like me who shop Target WAYYYY more than Walmart! The price was only .02 cents at Target... so not worth the trek to Walmart unless you shop there regularly :)

    Happy Laminating!
    My Shoe String Life

  5. I am excited to hear that you're a penny pincher and you think it's worth it! Sounds like I might need to consider one next year when I've got my systems all set up the way I want them :)

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  6. I bought the same laminator this summer. I read on several other blogs that the best deal on the lamination pouches is Sam's Club. I bought mine there. The cost was around $20 for 200 pouches that can handle a full size sheet of paper. When I have smaller things to laminate, I stick a small piece of double sided tape on the back to hold it in place as it goes through the laminator. Enjoy your new machine! :)


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