Friday, August 9, 2013

Five for Friday: Reading, Resting & Raiding?!

Thank goodness it's finally Friday! I haven't started teaching yet but I'm already feeling exhausted! Whew! Since it's Friday, I'm linking with Doodle Bugs Teaching for five for Friday! Here we go...

On Monday, I snuggled with both dogs and tried to finish one of the novels I started this summer. I'm so behind on my summer reading it's ridiculous. I think I have a longer list than when I started the summer...

Tuesday, Iggy didn't want to get up with the alarm so he put himself back to bed. He is not ready for school to start back. He's really not a morning puppy.

On Wednesday, I finally was able to get into my classroom! Yippppeee! I had to unpack and start throwing things together because our Open House is Tuesday.

Thursday, I spent most of my time organizing all my new nonfiction books and getting that part of my library set up. I went from two buckets of nonfiction to about 8-buckets of nonfiction... Thank you used book sales at the library! I also had to put up my new information text poster and  text feature mini-posters I ordered from Really Good Stuff. They are super cute and match my color scheme - win, win!

Today, I had a PD in the morning on creating a You Tube Channel and uploading your own videos to You Tube. Afterwards, I went back to work in my classroom for several more hours. My library books are all scanned in... or at least the ones that are going to be scanned in for now! I also jazzed up my library with a a cute sunglass wearing Yoda and QR code for how to create an Origami Yoda. Check out my Instagram! When I came home, Iggy had stolen both Squidward and Squidy (We're really creative in our house). The following is the aftermath of Iggy's squid raid...

Have a great weekend,

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