Thursday, August 8, 2013

Hot Mess to Organized Choas?

Confession: I feel like a terrible blogger lately. I don't know how so many of you keep up with your blog during school! I feel like I've neglected my blog plus all the ones I follow. This summer I was great at reading, linking up, and leaving genuine comments but now... Oh boy! Bloglovin' informed me earlier that I have 33 entries to read. Yikes!... But I do have a sneak peek at what I've been up too and I promise to schedule some blog time later to read and comment! Let's keep this entry visual for my visual learners out there!

I didn't leave my room as disorganized as I had orginally thought, however, my counter space is essential for my new centers - so I had to get it cleared quick! Plus, I needed to expand my library.

Speaking of library... My biggest accomplishment over the past two days is my...
Here's the combo shot of the entire "library" area in my classroom...
I bought a display rack for the top of the book shelf but I still need to build it. Plus, I'm trying to see if my Read Box will work or if I can get some picture frame stands for some favorite books and authors. It's a work in progress but the books are out! That's a step in the right direction!

Lastly, I worked on the writing area in my room. Last year, it was in the spot of the Nonfiction book bins but it was too crowded and the students never ventured back there for writing references or supplies... this year... I took a different approach and moved it to the front of the room! I think it turned out quite well!  It has my whole class journals, revision checklists, editing wheels, and editing pens. I still need to create labels for most of the bins...

Here is a close up of the revision check-lists. I used a FREE editable chevron binder pack from TPT for the covers. I shrunk them down but you could do full sized versions. You can grab the freebie here from Write in the Middle's TPT store. The insides are Megan's  (I Teach What's Your Super Power?) fabulous revision posters also shrunk down! You can grab Megan's Revising Poster and Mini Poster set here from TeachingSuperPower TPT store. Can't wait for students to use these!

I have a little more work to do this week before the big reveal!

Wish me luck,


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