Wednesday, November 5, 2014

A Bookish November Currently!

It's November! I love getting caught up on the blogging world each month with Oh Boy Fourth Grade's Currently. Farley, Thanks for hosting & making this community a great place to share love and ideas!

So here's my November Life...

I love country music. I love Zac Brown Band. Seems appropriate that I'm listening to the radio while blogging & enjoying both my loves.

Okay, I know I've already blogged about my new "online reading logs" but if you need kids to "log" minutes, check out It's been a huge motivator for many of my reluctant readers. The conversations kids are having about books - it's exciting me! I love that my students are wanting to read for the purpose of reading (and buying some new stuff for their owlvatars). It's also great for my students who already love reading to share that love with the rest of the team. Additional Perk - I'm also loving the ease of "grading" these logs. Seriously, you can set a date range and it'll tell you the minutes logged and the average response on your questions. It does fiction and nonfiction. As a teacher who ditched logs and then brought them back in compliance with our district's reading initiative - this is awesome! Check out my Online Reading Log post!

In the words of Jack from Love that Dog, "This is the BEST, BEST, BEST DAY!" Today was Donalyn Miller Day!

Scholastic brought her into our school as part of a book talk tour. What?! I'm not sure how our school got so lucky but you better believe I was sitting front and center taking it all in. It's wonderful seeing research and affirmation backing up great things happening in our classrooms! Plus, as a reader and book lover -- she's speaking my language. And she's so nice! My OMG moment was chatting it up for 10 minutes-ish in the parking lot.

Her entire presentation can be found on under the heading "Projects &  Presentations." Which is great because my "after school brain" forgot a notepad!

Now, photos to document this awesome day!

Enough said. I still have a stack. I'm the slowest grader ever!

 Okay, before I hit up the Nerdy Book Club... I need some new books or series to get into! I just picked up The Fourteenth Goldfish at book fair. But I'm trying to find some other series books that might be new or interesting to add to my Nook. I've finished Maze Runner and I need something else... The One and Only Ivan? Shiver series? What's rocking your reading world?

I'm finishing up If I Stay as my own personal read. I know there is a sequel but I still need to see the movie. I'm one of those people - even though I always, always hate the movies.

 But, speaking of reading.... What are some great picture books that you're using in you classroom this month?

We just read the Ralph Fletcher collection of...

... as part of Realistic Fiction Writing unit. The kids are loving the figurative language and show not tell, plus, even big kids love picture books!

What's your November life like?


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