Saturday, November 1, 2014

Spark Student Motivation: Online Reading Logs!

I've been absentee blogger lately because I haven't felt that I've had much worth sharing as of late. But today, I'm excited to share a new website for logging reading! Thanks to Joanne from Head Over Heels for Teaching for hosting one of my favorite linkys, Spark Student Motivation Saturdays!
Joanne is amazing, she has so many great ideas for "big kids" -- so hop over and check out her blog!

Okay, back to the amazing reading find! My teaching partner, Chelsea, deserves all the credit for finding this gem as an ad on Facebook. The website is called Learn 2 Earn. The website was designed for reading fundraisers. Students are able to log on the the site and for FREE log minutes and books they've read. Then, they can gain sponsors for the minutes or books they've logged. However, after playing around with the site, my teaching partner and I discovered, it'd be great for our online reading logs! Teachers can create a class "tree" for free and easily set up student accounts. They even have a way to print out a class set of directions and user names and passwords for each student. We've been thinking about going digital because this year our paper version was a real struggle for many of our kids and not very motivating. We do have our 40 Book Challenge in place but that hasn't had the pull as it has in years past.

So, what's just so great about Learn 2 Earn ?... 

I think pictures are worth more than words. Here's some of the features like an "Owl-vatar", owl shop, and profile page that had my fifth graders begging to use the iPads during our "Friday freetime" at intervention.

Why is this great for teachers?

As a teacher, I can post questions for students to answer. You can choose from Common Core Aligned questions by grade or write your own.

When students can respond they show up in my digital turn in tray. You can navigate through the responses one by one or see them all in your "news feed."  I can score the responses online and provide feedback. Teachers can leave visible comments or leave comments just visible to the student who wrote the response. Students can also comment on each others' books to create a reading dialogue outside of class (WHAT?!). Think of this like a safe Facebook Page all about books!

We just launched this Friday and when I woke up today, I had over 40 responses to review and score. Now, many students did not do a stellar job with answering some of the responses completely - but with the invisible comment tool, I was ale to leave them messages to fix their work so it could be re-scored. My biggest take away was that my students were excited about reading and recommending books to each other -- that is priceless! We can work on extended responses from there!

Need a Freebie?! Here's a copy of our directions/requirements (pdf version and word version) for our students if you're interesting in starting your own Learn 2 Whooos Reading Class Tree! 

What gets your students motivated to read more?


  1. Amanda, this looks really neat. I don't necessarily need the fundraising part, but the social aspect to reading books and logging the minutes online is a great activity for my ESL kids. Really glad you shared this. Thanks!

  2. This looks awesome! I just started the 40 book challenge (from The Book Whisperer) but I'd love to phase out the printed logs and do this to get them talking about what they're reading! So glad I stumbled on this in your Sunday Scoop post!
    Chalk & Apples
    Teaching Trio

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  6. “Learn2Earn motivates children to read every day. Our social learning platform connects educators, students and families to inspire a love of reading and fundraise for education. The small startup is located in sunny San Diego and is excited to see what the future holds.”
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