Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Read-olutions of 2016!

Are you ready to create some reading resolutions? My lovely insta-friends and I are giving away $25 dollars to Amazon and a copy of The Whisper to help you make your readolution dreams come true! Click the button to hop on over to Instagram and enter!

What are my reading resolutions?

As posted before, I'm pledging to read 60 books 2016! Don't forget to link up before the end of the month with your reading plan for 2016! You can join my linky and read all about the Sixty Book Challenge {here}.
My second reading resolution for the year is to read more picture books! I love picture books but haven't been keeping up with all the new books. You can use picture books to teach so many things! My fifth graders love picture books so, I'm always willing and wanting to add to my collection! Here's a few I'm hoping to read in 2016...

Stop by Instagram and share a book on your read-olution list! 


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