Monday, January 18, 2016

Vera Bradley Deals!

Do you have a compulsion to buy new teacher bags, pencil cases, make-up bags, and other random items from Vera Bradley? Well, you're not alone... I am a #VeraAddict. I do limit my purchases but when I seem to need a new bag the retail prices make me scream... YIKES! 

Did you know Vera Bradley has an eBay Outlet? 

Vera's website does offer some fabulous deals throughout the year but shipping can be costly. Also, 30% off is great but could be better - YES! Last summer, I found Vera Bradley's shop on eBay. It features retired patterns at 50% - 60% off! The selection varies and they also run online promotions offering additional % off. You can't use your coupons but you won't need too!

It's a great site to bookmark when you're looking to make a Vera purchase. I always check there first and then decide what's the best deal!

Recently, I was looking for a weekend bag to take to Nerd Camp and small trips. Vera Bradley online is currently offering and additional 30% off all sale items! Score, right? I decided I wanted to purchase the Grand Traveler after watching too many YouTube videos. On the website the final cost would be $63 dollars down from $120. I figured, I'd check eBay before making my final purchase and I'm glad I did! On Vera Bradley's eBay Store I found the same bag for only $49 dollars! Not only did a I save an additional $14 dollars but I saved 58% off retail! The eBay site also offers free shipping on ALL purchases and everything still comes right from Vera! All my previous items have included the same Vera touches like boxes, tissue, etc. just like I ordered from the website! It's worth checking out! 

Here are my steals of the day...

Happy Shopping! 



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