Friday, June 14, 2013

Something Fun Friday!

So today, for Something Fun Friday, I had a girls day at the pool. It was blast getting caught up and it always feels great to lay out in the sun. Although, my right shoulder may not feel so great in the morning. It's looking a little reddish... good thing I already preemptively purchased a large tube of aloe.

The only thing to share to wrap up the week is Target's Spring Book Fair. Whether you're a teacher or a mom, they have a good selection of books for only $1! I bought books to use during my ESL summer school as well as place in my class library next year. Most are a 2nd - 3rd grade level but they have good information and pictures. The spiral bound nonfiction books are more a 4th - 5th grade level. The third grade readers in my summer school really needed lots of help with these but LOVED the pictures and gross facts! It just reminds me that sometimes when we read we need to have fun. Everyone needs a junk food day, or book, once in a while. I have done a little school work today and I have some fun things I'll be posting for Made It Monday that can be used with the Pixar Short Films but otherwise, I'm taking the weekend off to indulge in some summer fun.

Here are the books I bought in Target's One Spot.... I think I have a problem!

These are science related nonfiction books. They are lower elementary for sure but I think kids at any age would still enjoy reading them... and they are ONE DOLLAR! So I, of course, buy six of them! Partner reading?

These were my best find! These are nonfiction books - with all the text features (including an index!) that I think my boys (and girls) will love. They feature gross creature and are set up sort of Guinness Book style with colorful pictures or a creepy question. These are upper level readers. 4th - 5th grade.

These were mostly for the summer school kids. They had leveled fictional stories for grades PreK-3rd. I choose a 3rd grade story about a horse running in a race. I figured after summer school, I could put it in a lower level book bucket or use it to practice/model fictional reading strategies with struggling students. The story is really short so it's easier to work with than a novel or longer mentor text.

What did you do for fun this week? Any good Target finds?



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