Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Summer Schedule?

So, most people would agree that I have a version of a Type A personality. I love structure, order, routines and schedules. So, I was browsing through Pinterest when I saw this calendar....

I was instantly in love! Now it's supposed to be a calendar for kids during the summer months, but it really got  me thinking. Why couldn't I use this for some blogger inspiration as well? I've been really racking my brain about blogging. I know it's mostly for me but I do think I need to push myself. So I'm accepting the challenge for the summer. I'm going to try and be thoughtful in my posts and share some frugal and budget friendly tips for projects, books, cooking, thoughtful-shopping tips and fun places to visit! If you would like to see the original calendar and post you can visit Somewhat Simple.

Hope you enjoy my summer of fun on a budget!
We'll start the calendar next week!



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