Friday, June 7, 2013

Summer shoes & summer to do's

So yesterday on my way to meet up with some teachers to celebrate the end of of another school year, I stopped off at Target. It really is my shopping addiction. While there I fell in love with these summer wedges! I've been eying them for a while but they are finally on sale! Currently they are on sale for $24.99, normally $29.99. I felt like the five dollar savings was a sign I just had to buy them... Just wish I still had my five dollar off a pair of Merona shoes coupon! $20 dollars would have been even better! Cute?

Now for the summer to do's.... I found this post on another blog and although the linky party was already closed. I felt like some good reflection is always a positive thing. So looking back at this year and looking forward to next year here are some personal goals...


I'm going to try my best this summer to set myself up for success. I really want to create a data section for my students. I found some great handouts and ideas on Pinterest and from fellow bloggers. So, I feel like I'm headed in the right direction. I don't want to focus too much on data but I feel like it would be a great way for kids to see their own learning. I've also been mining for "fun" activities. I'm a fun teacher (at least I think so) don't get me wrong. But I felt guilty at the end of the year that my students didn't get Lemonade Day this year or get a chance to create Regional Theme Parks like in years past... I really wanted to have at least one big "fun" project we can work on in class. They read a lot, wrote a lot, and probably did a better job than past years... but I sometimes forget they are only 10 years old and need a little "fluff" too!

Does anyone else have some resolutions for next year? 

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